Evidence of matter-matter coupling

Physicists show first proof of Dicke cooperativity in a matter-matter system

After their recent pioneering experiments to couple light and matter to an extreme degree, Rice University scientists decided to look for a similar effect in matter alone. They didn’t expect to find it so soon.

Rice physicist Junichiro Kono, graduate student Xinwei Li and their international colleagues have discovered the first example of Dicke cooperativity in a matter-matter system, a result reported in Science this week.

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News Release by Rice University

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X. Li, M. Bamba, N. Yuan, Q. Zhang, Y. Zhao, M. Xiang, K. Xu, Z. Jin, W. Ren, G. Ma, S. Cao, D. Turchinovich, and J. Kono
Observation of Dicke Cooperativity in Magnetic Interactions
Science 361(6404), 794-797 (2018)

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